Save clam falls flowage

 Clam Falls Flowage consists of 119 pristine acres of waterway that support a  thriving fishery and aquatic environment.  

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Clam Falls Flowage

Clam Falls Dam will be removed and we will lose this historic flowage unless Polk County is able to take over ownership of the dam. The current owners  have offered to gift the ownership of the dam to Polk County along  with an additional amount of $650,000. This action would be subject to DNR approval pending an environmental analysis of the dam. 


County Board Meeting

We need your support. Contact members of the Polk County Board and tell them we need to save the Clam Falls Flowage. Join us at the Polk County Board Meeting  6:00pm on March 19.  Polk County Board Room is located at 100 Polk County Plaza, Balsam Lake Wisconsin 


What would we lose?

 This flowage is enjoyed by fishermen (full of panfish, Largemouth Bass and Northern  Pike), nature lovers, kayakers, swimmers, and boaters. The flowage has been a central part of the community since 1859.

 Should we lose the flowage, the resulting impact to the environment and the thousands of aquatic animals which inhabit this ecosystem will be devastating. All will be sacrificed and unavailable to future generations of Wisconsinites.

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Save Clam Falls Flowage

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